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New Work – Embeddable Timelines

We recently launched embeddable timelines, which allows you to insert a nice list of recent postings on your site.

I had a lot of fun styling this one and really like how it came out.

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Add one to your WordPress site by wrapping the following shortcode in [brackets]

wptimeline url="" showgravatars="true" width="450" theme="dark"


Kelly Hoffman:

Today, Shaq acknowledged my existence:

Originally posted on BinarySmash:

Photo Credit: Kelly Hoffman

Today was the first day of the SXSW trade show and I was helping hand out shirts and sunglasses to many excited fans. Then at some point I noticed everyone in our line was looking off into the same direction, distracted.

My co-worker Kelly nudged me and pointed out (very excitedly) why.. and then I understood:

Shaquille O’Neal (the retired basketball player) was at the Mophie booth. The Mophie booth is right next to ours in the expo room. Rumor has it that he ended up buying 100 or so Mophies and that this wasn’t the first time that he has done it.

Even though he was surrounded by people, fans, and photographers, we still tried to offer him a shirt. He signaled “eh” to us but ended up taking a jolly rancher from our candy dish.

Even though it wasn’t a shirt I still consider that a…

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